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O-Ring, the cutting edge is an "O" shape, which is the most common, classic, economical and useful sealing type in both dynamic and static applications.

The tolerance of O-Ring has its limitation when the size is out of tolerance; it means failure will cause leakage. O-Rings are made of elastomers which are with resilience or memory sufficient to return to its original shape after a major or minor distortion.

Jotex Rubber Corp. provides strict production control in CPK/PPK.

General specification:

  1. Rubber material: EPDM

  2. Color black

  3. Good abrasion resistance, elongation, and rebound resistance

  4. Excellent performance of ozone resistance, weathering resistance, heat

    resistance, and flame resistance with good low-temperature resistance

None of the parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Jotex Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. The contents of this specification can change per your own specific requirements. We design and manufacture custom shapes and develop specialty materials to deliver a performance advantage. Request for quotation now!

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