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Rubber Grommet



General specification:

  1. Rubber material: IR

  2. Color Black

  3. Excellent elongation

  4. Excellent performance of rebound resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact strength resistance

  5. Very Good water resistance


Rubber IR has the advantages of good adhesiveness, high strength of raw rubber, high elasticity, low hysteresis, hot tearing, and high strength. Compared with natural rubber, it has a lower modulus of tensile and higher elongation. At the same time, material IR owns the characteristics of good physical properties, no dirt, transparent color, and easy coloring with vivid features. It can also be used for parts with medical-grade requirements.

These rubber grommets commonly used for vibration-resistance in various industrial sectors. All of these grommets have a medium hardness rating to offer a balance of cushioning and impact resistance.

Customized Material, Dimensions, Colors, Hardness can be offered. Request for quotation now!

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