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Rubber Grommet



General specification:

  1. Rubber material: EPDM

  2. Color Black

  3. Good performance of abrasion resistance

  4. Excellent heat resistance


Rubber grommets are used in a variety of functions. One of the most common functions of grommets is to protect eyelets from wear and tear as parts or objects pass through these. They may also be used in wires, rods, and pipes that go through firewalls and plates, acting as seals.

SBR grommets have good abrasion resistance. They are not for use outdoors.

EPDM grommets are UV, ozone, and chemical resistant. They can be used outdoors.

NBR grommets withstand a wider range of temperatures than other grommets and resist abrasion, oil, and grease. They are not for use outdoors.

Customized Material, Dimensions, Colors, Hardness can be offered. Request for quotation now!

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