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Rubber Grommet




These grommets withstand temperatures of 230° C or greater, which is approximately twice as high as the standard grommets. Push them into place to protect wire, cable, and cords into smooth, insulated holes. Commonly used in metal panels, they also damp vibration. All of these grommets can be used outdoors.

Silicone grommets withstand a wider range of temperatures but are not as chemical resistant as fluoroelastomer. They have a medium hardness rating, which offers a balance of cushioning and impact resistance.

Fluoroelastomer grommets have excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals. They also have a medium-hard rating to withstand high levels of impact.

General specification:

  1. Rubber material: EPDM

  2. Color Black

  3. Good performance of abrasion resistance

  4. Excellent heat resistance

Customized Material, Dimensions, Colors, Hardness can be offered. Request for quotation now!

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