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Insulating Cap




The plug cover has to provide a secure connection between the high-tension ignition leads and the spark plug. It has to ensure no current leakage occurs at this connection which will affect the engine performance. On many motorcycles or engines, for example, plug covers are exposed to the elements and the cover must perform perfectly under the most difficult weather conditions. It requires a very high quality.

Jotex Rubber Corp. is a professional manufacturer of auto rubber parts. We are capable of ensuring the best spark plug caps performance and reliability.

General specification:

  1. Rubber material: EPDM

  2. Color Black

  3. Electric insulation: At least 1x107 MΩ·CM

  4. Withstand voltage: 15KV/mm

  5. Excellent performance of ozone resistance, weathering resistance, heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance


Insulating Caps are used for:

  1. Contact prevention (electrical and high-voltage contacts are covered)

  2. Protection against mechanical damage

  3. Protection against oxidation

  4. Protection against corrosion

None of the parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Jotex Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. The contents of this specification can change per your own specific requirements. We design and manufacture custom shapes and develop specialty materials to deliver a performance advantage. Request for quotation now!

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