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Rubber Bellow/ Dust Cover

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Rubber bellows are widely used in mechanical and automotive engineering, electronics as well as aerospace, healthcare, construction, transportation, and defense industry in a variety of forms and materials. Jotex Rubber provides innovative solutions in custom rubber bellows.

As the best rubber bellow manufacturer, we know exactly what the use of rubber bellows is. Rubber bellows are effective in many ways:

  1. Absorbs noise and thermal movements

  2. Removes vibration between equipment such as engines, water pumps,

    condensers etcetera.

  3. Compensates small installation misalignments.

  4. Protects cylinders and other machine elements against dust, water and other


General specification:

  1. Rubber material: Neoprene® (polychloroprene CR)

  2. Superior than average of general rubber specification and performance, such

    as tensile strength, elongation, rebound resistance, tear resistance, heat and

    weathering resistance, etc.

  3. Color Black

  4. Excellent alcohol and alkaline resistance

None of the parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of

custom-manufactured products that illustrate Jotex Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. Request for quotation now!

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