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Rubber Bushing




Bushings are used in applications such as vehicle suspensions which absorb extreme static and dynamic forces while dampening shocks and vibrations. Due to its cylindrical shape, the bushing acts an anti-vibration interface between two parts, usually metal objects, without prohibiting movement and increasing flexibility.

General specification:

  1. Rubber material: NBR, Color Black

  2. Metal material: JIS S45C/ SAE 1045 with zinc-plating treatment

  3. Used in motorcycles

  4. Excellent performance of abrasion resistance

  5. Very good oil/fuel resistance and aliphatic-solvent resistance.

The material is mostly soft metal, NR rubber and non-metallic compounds. The main consideration of the bushing is the pressure, anti-destructive force, and load nature.

None of the parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate Jotex Rubber Corp.'s capabilities. We are able to help manufacturing from your measurements, a drawing or an existing sample. Request for quotation now!

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